What is ImperfectlyGOOD about? 


An astonishing 1/3 of food produced worldwide doesn't make it to our plates.

The 4.4 million tonnes of avoidable food waste generated in the UK alone, will generate 19m tonnes of greenhouse gases over its lifetime. Preventing that pollution would be equivalent to taking one in four cars off UK roads. 

These are pretty terrible statistics, and we're determined to do something to change them. 

As big food lovers, with big eco values, we set about thinking how we could do something to raise greater awareness with the general public. We needed a tool that would get people thinking more about their food - how to store it, manage it and value it more (as well as the process and energy gone into producing it). The result being that much less of it ends up in the bin, and more hits people's bellies. 

We concluded, why not try the food itself? 

We turn perfectly good surplus food into delicious food. Demonstrating the value that this beautiful produce still holds and showing what can be done, with a little time and effort and love ♥



The ImperfectlyGOOD Team

ImperfectlyGOOD launched in 2017 after a year of discovery and change. Two friends, sat drinking coffee, discussing their futures. A talented cook wanting a change from HR, and a Project Manager set on finding a way into a more sustainable industry working on projects having a real impact on the world. Both food-lovers concerned with the growing food waste problem and its environmental impact. 



While both deeply involved in all areas of the project, Laura takes the role of Head Chef. A whizz in the kitchen, she is in charge of all things magical that happen with our produce, masterminding most of our recipes and leading the transformation of the awesome food we receive, into our delicious soup and salad combos each week. 



Katy's there too rolling up her sleeves in the kitchen every week, but her focus is also on the branding and awareness of the project, as well as organising the logistics around suppliers, collections and deliveries. 




Our profits

We are a small growing organisation, committed to generating funds to help support feeding those most in need in London.

The more orders we receive, the more food we can salvage, and the more money we can generate.

A percentage of any profits will be donated to projects that help to redistribute food to community projects and shelters. The Hackney Migrant Centre and The Felix Project are our currently chosen partners.