Always on look out for sources of surplus produce, we're busy visiting market traders, distributors and supermarkets weekly to try and save what we can from hitting landfill. We take anything that is still perfectly good for human consumption - damaged, wonky, approaching its end of life or just past its "best before".

Regular collections are currently mostly made from generous partners at New Spitalfields Market, as well as Carnevale and local supermarkets via Neighbourly. 



We check and sort all the produce we collect - only the perfectly good food makes it through.

And then the fun begins. We get creative and generate our weekly menu, transforming what we have received into a beautiful selection of dishes, trying always to achieve at least 60% surplus produce in each one (we're proud to say we haven't hit less that 70% yet!) 

We cook up a storm in our kitchen in Haringey, while we manage orders and enquiries coming through, and prepare our eco-friendly boxes and bags for distribution.



Our preferred distributors are a small local startup with an excitable band of bicycle couriers who will deliver straight from our kitchen down to your offices. Nipping and weaving through the traffic on their bikes, they are not only a super eco friendly way for us to transport, but also the speediest (and friendliest!).

Where we have larger deliveries of more than 10 portions to an office we are trialling the use of cargo bikes, but we're also on the hunt for electric delivery solutions.



Any surplus produce left unused is donated to other community projects in London, to ensure it doesn't end up in the bin.  

Regular partners include Hackney Migrant Centre, The Redmond Community Centre and The Hornbeam Community Cafe in Walthamstow.

Any genuine waste we have that's not good enough to be eaten is also collected by the lovely team at FirstMile, who convert it into renewable energy and nutrient-rich fertiliser! Find out more here.